As a premium IPTV Television provider, Chitram Ltd. is committed to delivering an exceptional entertainment experience to subscribers from around the world.

Internet television

Television has become the main source of information over the years and for most people, it is the primary source of entertainment.

With the explosive growth of the Internet, information has become readily available through websites worldwide and as a result, media technologies have been growing faster than any other industry.

Within the digital media industry, Internet Protocol Television (IPTV), meaning the transmission of digital television over the Internet or local area IP networks, is becoming increasingly important.

Following the trend, Chitram Ltd. has developed the latest advancements in IPTV Technology, creating and designing attractive IPTV services for the South Asian Community.

Chitram Ltd. is an Interactive Digital Television (DiTV) service provider that offers TV, movies, music and more to the home, delivered from our server over the telephone line with ADSL connection to your computer, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone, iPad or through a Set Top Box. There is no need for a satellite dish; content is delivered in real time over the Internet.

TV channels

Chitram´s broadcasting network package offers more than 80 Indian premium TV channels in Telegu , Tamil , Hindi and Malayalam. Newly integrated services also cover TV Entertainment in Pakistani and Punjab languages.

The Chitram package offers the best choice in information and family entertainment, from major domestic to international channels, including news, entertainment, drama serials, music programs, movies, documentaries, talk shows, children´s programs, sports, lifestyle, culture as well as popular radio channels.

Favourite programs can be enjoyed in real local time (Live Television), but users also have the possibility to “watch again” or “catch-up” (Time-shifted television) on shows from the past 14 days.

Our service also includes Video on Demand (VOD), which allows viewers to gain access to a vast library of films and TV shows and watch video content on demand.

IPTV Content

Chitram Ltd. enables users to access more than 40 high quality Indian channels.

IPTV Solutions

Chitram Ltd. is the complete solution to watch TV without satellite dish and cable.

IPTV Set Top Box

Chitram Ltd. offers a full entertainment, leisure and news TV package that the whole family can enjoy.

IPTV services for the South Asian Community

Premium Indian programming is delivered to your TV or other devices (PC, Tablet, Smartphone…) using a broadband Internet connection. There is no need to install a bulky satellite dish or new cables. Access to premium TV channels is provided by Chitram´s efficient and compact set top box, with more that 40 Indian TV and Radio channels to choose from.

Chitram TV: a unique Project

A project focused on providing a dynamic and global Ethnic Television Network with carefully selected content in Telegu, Tamil, Hindi and Malayalam regional languages

Chitram Ltd. is a service target to the South Asian speaking communities and has been created and launched to provide attractive packages with more than 40 premium Indian television and radio channels.

No matter the place, no matter the time – At Chitram Ltd. we provide clients and partners with high quality Indian IPTV content, using our own platforms and networks, guaranteeing a fast and direct signal to all viewers.

Chitram is one of the world´s leading ethnic television service providers for Indian content and operates a global network of cable distribution platforms for advanced IP-based content delivery. It uses its own technical operations centers on every continent, offering the complete range of IPTV broadcast solutions, including TV channel distribution and IPTV middleware solutions.

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About us

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Who we are

Chitram Ltd. is one of the major internet-based television (IPTV) service provider worldwide offering Telegu, Tamil, Hindi and Malayalam language content.

Our advanced systems are designed to deliver the best possible quality of viewing experience and our developments include the full range of hardware and software solutions to test all phases of IPTV deployments: middleware, conditional access system, billing system, video on demand servers, DVB to IP gateways, etc.

All our products are compatible with each other and can be connected in a cluster architecture to form a scalable IPTV solution. Full IPTV solutions as well as separate systems can be offered.

Our skills


Who we are?

Our team of professionals have many years of experience with IPTV, Set Top Boxes and Middleware, and have the expertise in building and operating complete headend systems.

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